Why does it Crash since the last Update (Hotfix)?


I have a very annoying crash that reboots my pc since the last update. Anytime i go into the editor and start doing anything (just zooming in, placing meshes, opening a material editor, landscape painting…) my pc suddenly stops and restarts itself 10 times slower. It does this in any project/level
I have uninstalled and reinstalled epic launcher and unreal engine, even on fifferent hard drives and nothing is changing.
I also deleted all the saved paramaters in the localappdata file, and it still crashes at a random moment.

I’m now stuck and can’t work anymore, and there is nothing i’ve tried that is working…
Ran all the diagnoses (windows dxdiag, that i attached to this message; and graphics card diagnosis, cmd corrupted files repairing, even reinstalled all the pilots, cpu diagnosis, and fans/temperature monitoring…). Nothing has appeared to me as the problem source…

My PC specs :
Motherboard Asrock fm2a88x extreme4+
CPU AMD AthlonII X4 860K at 4.0 GHz
RAM 4x4Go Hyper furyX
600W 80+ power supply (not the highest but i never had any trouble running anything even way more power-eating games and softwares…)

CPU is watercooled and never gets above 60°C toplink text
GPU is working perfectly fine and runs Battlefront in 4K smoothly, and Battlefield in Ultra with rocket league runnin in the background…
The GPU fans are working, nothing overheats before the crash, it just come out of nowhere and shuts down the pc to restart immediatly…

Please help me i need to work as fast as i can on a new project…

Best regards

Hi wallideb,

Are you running the Launcher or are you running source from Github? If you are running the Launcher, try downloading and installing the previous version of the Engine, UE4.14, and see if it acts the same using a blank third person blueprint template.


Hi wallideb,

Since we have not heard back from you in a while, we are marking this post “resolved” for tracking purposes. However, if you are still experiencing crashes since the last hotfix, respond with the requested information and we will continue to investigate.