Why does HUD display on client but not on host

Created a HUD that works flawlessly, shows the score, time
But when the host creates the game, he doesn’t have a HUD. Only the client who joins the host. Any ideas on how to fix this in blueprints?

Are you replicating the HUD on the server side?
because if you are doing it the way i am thinking which is essntially the host is the listen server so you might want to try replicating the HUD on the server to see if that helps.

Here is some good documentation to help you with multiplayer and networking: http://cedric.bnslv.de/Downloads/UE4_Network_Compendium_by_Cedric_eXi_Neukirchen.pdf

Right so your problem is the draw HUD Widget and Add to viewport are client only nodes so they are only being called on the client where as in your case the host is the server.

I am not too sure what you could do about that as those nodes there are only called on client side, here is a series of videos by epic themselves which may give you a much better idea of how multiplayer is setup.

You probably want to start from video 6 onwards.

On the left side of the image below, is the host who created the session from the cardinal menu. On the right is a client who joined those host game.

Here is the blueprint to create the HUD. Do I need to add anything? If you can please please please ELI5.