Why does HTTP code not migrate from 4.7 to 4.15

I’m migrating a project from 4.7 to 4.15. This project includes an HTTP request in project source code. On 4.7, the project works fine, and the HTTP requests executes successfully and retrieves what it is supposed to. However, in 4.15, the same code doesn’t compile until i change one param in the header of the POST.

In 4.7, SetHeader(“Content_Type”, theContentType); worked. but in 4.15 I had to change that to SetHeader(“Content-Type”, theContentType);.

So i guess my question is why did this compile ok in 4.7, and not 4.15, because i’m guessing this is why the request is not working in 4.15. I’m getting a ‘request succeeded’ per logs and what not, but i’m not getting an actual response object to work with.

[EDIT] so 4.7 didn’t have some code that validated the content type, but 4.15 did. beyond that, in 4.15, OnProcessRequestComplete() is not getting called, and trying to figure that out now.

[EDIT_2] ok, so OnProcessRequestComplete() is getting called, but timeout was set to a pretty long time. reducing this to 3 seconds was enough to see if the process was working. authentication seems to be working and a successful connection is made, but a response object is never returned, and thus i can’t get a response code, or any kind of successful remote login attempt using the http request. just to reiterate, this process was fine in 4.7. not sure what changed in 4.15.