Why does 'for loop' runs only once?

My bet here is that the FlipFlop forgets what it was as soon as the function goes out of scope, so it actually never ever fires its B pin. You do not need to run anything twice. Try controlling it with a variable instead:

Why does ‘for loop’ runs only once?

You Break it after the very first iteration.

the inventory I made work perfectly, when I open the chest inventory, the character inventory opens too (how it should be) however… when I try to close it I have to click ‘E’ twice for it to close, so I tried to make a for loop that runs twice so it closes, but it runs only once… (I’m very new to blueprints and I’m trying my best to make it work)

i tried what you suggested, but it doesn’t work, i re read what i wrote earlier, the inventory closes but: when i press once ‘E’ one of the inventories closes and looses focus on the inventory widged ( i can move the visual around, and it’s not supposed to happen), when i press again the other one closes.

If you lose focus, you can always set focus to what needs it.

But perhaps its time to revisit the reasoning behind placing this kind of switch in the widget in the first place. Why? Wouldn’t it make more sense to control it from the Player Controller. You know, the place that is designed for it, where all other player controls are.

Do consider it.