Why does Epic automatically assume my content is third party?

Why does the Unreal Engine marketplace automatically assume content was not created by myself? I have been a digital artist since the first Photoshop was released and everything I submitted was created by me yet they say everything in my product submission came from third party sources. Is it automatically assumed that we are incapable of such things?

Reply to their email and ask for more details… I can imagine it’s frustrating - perhaps an image search produced results very similar to yours…

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Thank you. I have done that and await clarification. It is incredibly frustrating since I have been working on this product for over a year and have invested thousands of hours.

What I am concerned about is the definitive statement that it was third party content. Not that it resembled third party content but was automatically assumed it was. No question only statement.

I’d try not to read too much into it - I can imagine the people who check the marketplace content are very busy judging on the amount of content being released - plus at this time of year things are always a bit crazy…

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I appreciate that. This is all new to me and I definitely had some creators pride influencing my mood when I received the denial email. Thank you for the perspective.

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Hey @Renzlo5665!

That sounds really frustrating. Just to add a bit more of possible things to double check and make sure of which they may have seen or could have been mistaken for third party:

  • Are you using any textures that are “Free to Use” but not public domain?
  • Is your products assets associated with or closely resembles another store’s products (Like Reallusion or Quixel for example) in a way that it could have been mistaken for the assets that could not be redistributed?
  • Are any of your assets adapted from one of those other products (like models, or textures, or materials, etc.)? If that’s the case that might be the reason.

It could be a number of reasons, but don’t lose hope! The holidays are crazy, so I am sure whatever happened they are just ensuring there is no content that could get anyone in hot water or any other artists assets are used without consent. Good luck and I hope this gets resolved quickly for you!