Why Does Cyberpunk 2077 Look So Good?

I’m kind on in love with Cyberpunk 2077 for several reasons while acknowleging it’s far from a perfect game, I am focusing on its cinematic qualities, and I don’t mean cut scenes, but how the game looks in general. I realize it uses a different engine, but I’m trying to identify, I’ll use a term, larger than life?

Night City looks large and in your face, your apartments looks spacious but intimate almost as if it is your vision you are seeing the game through, as if you were sitting on the couch in that apartment. There are intimate scenes when you ride in a vehicle or are sitting on a ripperdoc’s operating chair where it looks like the camera, or perspective zooms in close or appears to do so, from a first person perspective, which most of the game is, your legs and torso fill up a good portion of the screen when on the couch.

Is this a result of changing camera perspective settings? Which settings that make the game closer to an approximation of seeing the world with how you see the world in real life?
Are there settings that makes the surroundings look larger or closer, a perspective setting of some kind?

I’m thinking there is a blueprint that triggers these changes in perspective, or camera FOV, or depth, but I am too much of a novice with UE5 to identify what is going on there.

Thanks! :smiley:

Are you running it with raytracing on? That really ups the realism.

Other than that, the game just has really good art direction, lighting, and level design.


I have Ray tracing off currently. I suppose this would be the example to try it on. :slight_smile:

I am referencing how large everything seems to look and am trying to identify what UE settings would change visual perspective. I have played with the camera boom, but that is just in relation to a third person character, but I need to educate myself on other canera settings that may be like FOV, and Deoth of field. Thanks!