Why does component "keep hitting" on a hit event ?

I am trying to add an audio sound of the physics ball template hitting the ground or hitting walls.

So I do a on component hit - play 2D sound.

The sound is not looped.

I tried adding doonce and then reset after audio is finished playing which is an event you can add to an audio component.

Problem is it makes the hit sound once like it should and then it continues on sounding like a machine gun.

How do I make it play only on hit and not “is touching” which is what on hit should say it looks like?


Its probably the physics query right? It shoots out line traces to see if the physics ball is touching the ground. So how can I define an actual hit event not is touching event?

I usually do a cool-down and filter out impacts under a threshold.

Thank you !!

I think I have a very good setup now. This works really great :-)))))

Yep, good start!

Now you can start thinking about switching sounds and scaling sounds based on the intensity of the impact. Especially useful for when you want to get those small bounce sounds (or secondary impacts).

Great thanks Dan I will definitely look at that clip.
Here is what I added this morning:

I was never that good at marbles video games distracted me :slight_smile:

Nice, sounds like it’s coming along!

In my opinion, designing audio interactions with physics systems result in some of the most satisfying in-game effects when done right!

I come from film and there you learn quickly how important sound is. I am sure you know the sound design of the first Blade Runner film. Now there is a god of sound for you :slight_smile: The detail in there is astounding. Its also one of the tools which tells the story and can show a lot more than what is seen in front of you both consciously and subconsciously.