Why does clicking play from here spawn me in a random place?

Hey, I am have been working fine with my project for weeks and then today out of the blue when I went to “play from here”, instead of spawning me where I clicked it spawned me halfway across the map. At first I thought that the collision simply wasn’t working and I had fallen through the world, however I wasn’t spawning below the spot I had clicked or indeed anywhere near it.

So far I have managed to solve the issue by clicking play from here on a static mesh placed on my world, but if anyone knows a permanent solution or even what the problem is I can try and work out a fix.

I hope to hear from you soon.

What do you click to play from? A landscape or a blueprint? It seems to work fine for me. But however, I find that selecting the dropdown menu from play and selecting “Current Camera location” to be better for me.

I am selecting a landscape. I will check out the solution you mentioned and get back to you.

Thank you very much, I will use the start at camera location option instead.