Why does character import take so long?


I have been having a hard time importing my character into the engine. At first i have tried to import a character at about two million polygons in obj file and for that it took about 24 hours and it didnt even finish (stuck at 75%). Then i tried the same mesh, just converted it to fbx a still the same. At last i tried another mesh which i decimated to about 179000 polys and still the same problem occurs. At older engine versions i didnt have this problem (i have imported a mesh in my scene with over 200k polys in under a minute). My pc specs are;

Intel i7 4790k
GTX 650 TI 2GB

Hi Len24,

Importing a two million polygon asset is going to take a bit on any modern game engine or average workstation. However you should not be encountering the issue using a 180,000 poly mesh. Would you mind posting your dxdiag and maybe a screenshot of the mesh you are attempting to import?

If you are comfortable with it, you can send me the .fbx file so I can try to import it and test on my end?


No problem. I will send you the mesh file, just tell me where to ?

You can zip up the file and post it here on AnswerHub if you would like and it fits the file size max (5.2 mb). Or you can private message it to me on the Forums. My name is the same as on here ‘AndrewHurley’, all one word.