Why does changing max movement speed of a character movement component cause movement to be jittery?

I was working on my character and tried to implement sprinting when the player holds down shift. I thought it would be simple, just changing the max movement speed while shift is pressed and resetting it when released, but this made my character’s movement become noticeably jittery while shift was pressed. I tried implementing this on the default Third Person Character blueprint as well to see if it was an issue with my blueprint specifically, but the same effect occurred. I’m not sure how to fix this. My research suggested that I was implementing it correctly and I didn’t find any information on this particular issue on my first few research attempts. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to fix or work around it?

Here is a screen recording of the jitter effect. Moments of smooth motion are with shift released, and moments of jitter are with shift pressed: SprintJitter.mkv - Google Drive


If it’s a multiplayer game, you need to set MaxWalkSpeed both on the client and on the server at the same time.

Show us your AnimBP; how you transition from walking to sprinting, it looks like there might an issue with configuration of the limits of the two speed modes. It’s happened to me before I think.

Yeah, that’s what it was. I had forgotten to replicate the speed when I implemented sprinting.