Why does c++ take so long to compile for me

Is the C++ Code for the third person character meant to take 15 minutes to compile? My computer is worth £800. This guy on Youtube compiled the code for the third person character and it took 30 seconds. Mine is way longer than that. And pretty much any C++ tutorial I see - when the person compiles the code it will take 20 - 40 times longer for the code to compile for me. Please help. I’m so fed up of this. There has always been a problem with my computer when it comes to programming. Even my IntelliSense for visual studio doesn’t work. Please though, if you have any idea on why my code takes forever to compile please let me know.

What is you spec? Also first compile of day (when you turn on PC) always be long

My compile times improved dramatically when I got rid of Incredibuild. Not sure why or what Incredibuild is, but getting rid of it made everything better.

You’ve asked the same question three times.

Will having more CPU threads help in this situation?

Hi, how do you get rid of incredibuild?

I think I remember doing it by opening the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, right clicking Incredibuild in the list, and choosing Uninstall from the small popup menu. I don’t remember if I had to do anything else.