Why does Blueprint values keep resetting to default

any ideas as to why the hell ue4 Blueprint values keep resetting after closing the project file down and reopening the project to begin work again within the ue4 editor parts of the project get reset back to 0

same thing for cloning close the project down to make a clone of that project as a backup

i have different things that get reset after closing the project file down and reopening the project like my child blueprints of a base blueprint

2 main blueprints use child blueprints derived from a base blueprints character and weapons

the last things i can seam to work out is working on the hud UMG as a last thing before closing for some parts

but others like the character only 4 out of 8 characters using the child blueprints get affected when all 8 characters use the same child blueprints derived from a base blueprints effected areas are only 4 skeletal mesh and anim bp get reset to none

for the weapons child blueprints derived from a base blueprints values get reset to default or none on mainly everything

which means iv got to re do loads of things before i even try to resume new work

i am using 4.14

i have already created a new project re done everything from the ground up and even tried just migrating the files

i had the same problem with 4.13 hens the reason im now using 4.14

like i said so far i can identify child blueprints as a problem and working with umg widgets last before closing the project down

Values resetting to default on child blueprints is a very old bug in UE4. It was not fixed because nobody can reproduce it, If you can reproduce it when you want, please archive your project, upload the archive here (use dropbox or wetransfer.com) and tell us the exact steps to reproduce.

thats much help then a chocolate tea pot just cos no one can reproduce it its not been fixed as a bug :frowning:

if no one can reproduce it

why cant epic staff to sit down open all the source code files and work out which bit of code someone did wrong or which code is conflicting etc

it’s obvious that something has written wrong and bad code within the source code files

anyways thanks for the answer hope someone finds and fixes this asap

Because it would cost a lot of money.

For me, it happens as soon as i use the child class somewhere in the blueprints. For example, if I do a Spawn Actor from Class, or a cast to ChildClass. But if i don’t call anything of the sort, my class stays as i defined it

Ok cool thanks for that i will look into it see if that’s the case

Hi, I was having the same issue, whenever I restart the editor some of the child classes keeps resetting their value to the default value.
I was wondering if you found any solution about this issue.

I have also reproduced this. Created a C++ WidgetComponent, then created an Actor blueprint and attached my widgetcomponent (along with a stereo layer) and everytime the project is closed and reopened, the Widget Class of my WidgetComponent is reset to None

Hi, I was wondering if anyone is still having this issue.
I have solved it, and I found that it’s maybe a bug of the engine
What I did is, I had a structure that was keeping resetting, so I removed that structure from everywhere, where I called it as a variable or for any means, and re added that, then saved it. And it fixed.
Don’t know why this happens. But this is the only way it worked for me.
Hope it helps.

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In my case this was happening in a Widget Component. Solution was to uncheck “Editable when inherited” in the parent class.