Why does ARTv1 not install properly in Maya 2017?

Why is there no clear way to install the ARTv1? I’ve looked over the documentation and followed it step by step and still I get errors when installing it into maya. After dropping the userSetup.py script into the Documents\maya\2017\scripts\ diretory. I start Maya it pops up the browse to content directory option. I navigate it to the content directory for the ARTv1 folder where the userSetup.py is located and select this directory. Then it loads all that stuff in except at the end I get this error in the console window

"// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2017/scripts/others/hikCharacterControlsUI.mel line 329: Object ‘hikCharacterList|OptionMenu’ not found. // "

Some guidance here would be appreciated. Thanks you

Additionally when I select Character Rig Creator from the ARTv1.0 menu I get this error in the console window

"# Error: ImportError: file D:/GameDesign/UE_4.17/Engine/Extras/Maya_AnimationRiggingTools/ARTv1/MayaTools/General/Scripts\Modules\facial\face.py line 19: No module named PySide # "

Does this thing work at all?

This is still not resolved. I’m not finding any solutions to the problem. Every seems to think the ARTv1 will just work when it does not.


delete line 10-11-12.

I did it and i got surprised from it’s result.

I suggest you to test it for yourself.