Why does a data asset variable disable fast path?

In my anim blueprint I have a variable that holds a custom UDataAsset. When I get this variable in the anim bp and use its primitive-typed properties to control anim nodes, those nodes have fast path disabled. Using blueprint variables of the same primitive types to drive those same anim nodes enables fast path for them. What is it about UDataAssets that disables fast path? Is there something I can do to overcome this without giving up on UDataAssets?

You can try to look over the kismet “not” node.

Special allowences had to be made for that. Not sure If on the fasthpath side or the node itself.

Short of that. Fastpath almost exclusively takes boolean…

Fastpath almost exclusively takes boolean…

It seems to handle all integral type variables without issue. But interestingly and to be clear my data asset variable contains a struct which contains an anim sequence. I’ve tested an anim sequence variable, and a variable of that specific struct type, and both allow fast path to be used. It’s only when I use a data asset variable containing those that fast path becomes disabled.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into the not node. I guess the node to compare it to would be the “data asset variable get” node?


You are using those on pins on the animation right?

If you are feeding the animation in as a variable I’m not sure fastpath can work. It’s basically an eval the engine has to to to play that specific animation…