Why do you rotate your Root on your animations (Epic)

Hi guys.

I’m curios why you rotate your root bone on the 4.8 mannequin.
The skeletal mesh has 0 rotation and the animations have the root at 90 on X.

This creates confusion when working with animations and trying to blend together animations that was created.
It also makes it almost impossible to use the skeletal mesh of the mannequin as the skeletal mesh has 0 rotation and the animations have 90 as stated. When blending this then creates a wobble as the root readjusts itself from 0 to 90.

I noticed that the animations in the Animation Starter pack does not have this 90 degree rotation making blending with those animations 100%.
But the Mannequin that ships with 4.8.1 has the rotation which is causing some serious issues when using animations that cships with it. For example Third Person idle and in fact every Third Person Standard animation.

If you guys could fix this, it would be really awesome.
Its not a train smash as i am planning on creating my own animations. But it would be cool when prototyping to have this issue sorted. Or to include the standard animations in the Animation Starter pack.

Hi Crocopede,

This is a known issue and has been reported as UE-17137. Currently it is marked as minor as our resources are dedicated elsewhere so unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe of when it will be addressed.

Ok cool man thx. You guys can just send me the maya file then i fix it, mail it back to you guys and then your team can just do a quick check to make sure its still cool and then update the release :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes. Now that i know it is on the list its all good. Will create some quick walk idle n run animations for my project.

Thx again.

All thats needed is a +/- 90˚ in the import settings, this is a classic problem of Maya/Blender to UE4. different Fwd (Y) in Maya and Blender.


I see this effects animation re-targeting as well. Rotating any other skeleton you try to re-target 90 degrees.
Is there any way to get a custom rig file into the editor? So i am not dependent on the HumanoidRig which is creating some severe issues and headaches.

We recently hit the same issue … so +1 from us!

kinda offtop, might be, but sems you guys might know how to fix
so i have this issue when i play a montage vid
with those blend mode montage setup pic
but if just play animation which montage based on, everything is fine vid

Not really. The problem is a bit more than just a rotated root as the entire IK chain has become unglued from the rig so more or less would also break the animations in the marketplace that is based off of this template unless the IK’s are fixed as well.

By the way the 1st person template has the same issue