Why do we put milk in cereal instead of water or just eat it dry?

This is the question we needed to know

I’ve never liked milk with cereal. Right now I eat really thick 10% fat yoghurt with a mix of nuts, seeds and berries on top.


I only eat cereal dry.

I’m not sure this is the appropriate sub forum to address this scintillating question. =P

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As for the question, some people do put water on there and, depending on the cereal, eat it with anything.

I used to be fond of Nutrigrain without anything.

Milks makes it better? And water would be to thin for it in my opinion.

Also, nothing is better than heavy whipping cream in cereal…

Though Capn Crunch dry makes a good snack when using UE4 or gaming. :slight_smile:

When I go camping I put water on my weetbix.

I want milk with cereal but I’m lactose intolerant so yeah…
Milk = fun time in the bathroom for me :stuck_out_tongue:

why do people put milk on cereal - because its good.

why do people eat cereal in the morning - surely its a night time snack.

i think it’s because of the taste? some people even use orange juice instead of milk.

the real questions are:
Milk first or Cereal first
Warm milk or cold milk?

I think its because the milk has some fat and therefore tastes better.
Met a few peaple who sometimes have beer on the cerials. Horrfying

Yea I think generally the thicker something is, the more satisfying. To a point of course. Milk is thicker than water because of the fat content. Fat of course makes things taste better.

But personally I like chocolate milk on my cereal.

If you use milk in cereal it absorbs more cereal than if you used water for the same viscosity. Nutrientally milk has protein and fat. In the long run you will consume more boxes of cereal if using milk which is good for the manufacturer of the product as they get more sales.

Because milk has a creamy tastes that goes well with the sweet flavour of cereal.

I dont eat cereals as most of them are genetically modified.(have been reading food labels for more than a year and avoid things with palm oil). Do a toast bread slice with something simple on top and that is for me.

Milk turns cereal soggy slower than water does. It’s because of the fats and other solids in milk coating the surface of your cereal to a degree, which prevents them from having as good of a contact with the water in it. Also milk is almost always refrigerated, which means it’s really cold, which also slows down the process compared to your not quite as cold tap water.

And it tastes nicer.

Milk is for the veal, not for the human :wink:

Why adult animals won’t drink milk anymore? :rolleyes:

It makes very little evolutionary sense to keep drinking milk from your own species as adults. And I think other animals lack the necessary organisation to keep other species as a food source. Except for some species of ants keeping aphids or diaspididae.