Why do variables in BP debugger hardly ever show up?

I posted a question in the general hub where I also linked other similar questions. I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug or not, but since nobody has ever received a satisfying answer to this question, and the UE documentation describes the debug system as working, I consider this a bug.
I include a screenshot of a debug session with a popup, but this particular locatio is of no concern. It happens anywhere and with everything. Either I get this kind of message or “variable not in scope” but hardly anywhere can I really see values which makes the whole BP debugger practically worthless.
If this is a known problem, I would like to know so I can stop spending time debugging Blueprints, hoping that every now and then I get a meaningful information from the debugger.
In my eyes, if you have lots of those occurrences while it is not mentioned in the documentation, it is a bug.

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Hi ,

There is a bug report, UE-2821, in place for debugging local variables, however often it depends on what variables you are attempting to watch.

Unfortunately without knowing specifically what you are looking for and what variable types you are viewing, it will be difficult to diffuse more information. Are you using local variables or variables within the whole blueprint when this occurs? Do you see the same error occur in the event graph as opposed to a custom function?

Additionally, the error you are seeing with your custom function may be tied to the return node within your forloop. This is returning your function on a true value, however you aren’t breaking the loop, so it could be getting in the way of the function. Try either breaking the loop by using a forloopwithbreak or set a boolean value that at the completed will return a different value to your second return node if true, if false use the same return node on the completed pin.

Well all I’m saying is, the BP debugger doesnt work as the tutorials make us believe. It is basically useless. You go in with the step function and you are taken down every macro or function, the variables hardly ever show up and if they do, you cant see fields in structures or classes. If it weren’t for the PrintString node I would have long given up, that’s the only way I can get visuals for variables and chase bugs.
The debugger should be very high on the priority list of the developers to improve it a lot

Thank you for your update. There are a number of bug reports already implemented for improvements to the blueprint debugging tools. If there is anything in particular you think would make a good addition to the visual debugging tool, please let me know and I’ll be happy to add a feature request or bug report if one does not already exist for it.