Why do too many things on the market place require BP parenting

How can one get around this. It is very frustrating that the sellers do this. How are you supposed to integrate a purchase that requires re-parenting when your project already has another one from a different purchase.

Isn’t there other ways they can design new content so it doesn’t require re-parenting? Like utilizing components and BPL?

It just comes down to a balance of what is good for the creator during the development process, and what is good for the user during integration. There are usually hidden limitations with certain things, due to bugs & whatnot, that restrict our abilities to use libraries/components, in some cases.

Understandable, but what options does the end user have then?

I can’t think of any reason except performance for preferring parenting over compon(ent)ing (I can’t remember the adequate word now), everything you can do through parenting should be possible without as well

In most cases that I’ve used BP assets from the marketplace and I need to integrate them into an existing project, I basically recreate the BP from scratch to avoid a whole chain of messy parenting and the like. Time consuming but it works.

It’s a way to avoid engine code changes when selling tools;
But I avoid it whenever possible though.