Why do the parameter-textures of a material instance depends on the material default parameter-textures?


I have created a skeleton material with black textures as parameters.

Then i made a material instance that defines the textures.

What bugs me is that the final result depend on the defaults values of the material.

I get different results if i put in black textures or other different textures in the original material.

Once they are overwritten by the instance textures, are the original material textures (here black) supposed to still play any role ?

What am i missing here ?

Thanks !


Just in case it is not clear, here are the final results, with the same material instance but with different textures in the original material.

With black texture:

With a normal map texture:

Hi uced -

The last pictures you show also show your problem. You need to set the Black Material’s normal parameter to Sample Type: Normal instead of Sample Type: Color. The Material Instance is not allowed to change this type settings, so with the black sample it automatically will be set to color and with the Normal Texture is automatically set to Normal. This will produce an error in the Shader compile though so you will want to plug in a “neutral” normal texture. This should fix your problems.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

It worked very well, thank you very much for the solution and the explanations !

Problem solved.