Why do some skeletons have no available animations?

I have a skeleton that has loads of animations available to it. An identical one has none available, in the Persona asset browser. Why is this, and how do I get it to use those animations?

You will have to create a copy for your other skeleton -> in the skeletal mesh editor right click on an animation - create a copy for another skeletal -> now you should also see the animation in your other skeletal mesh :slight_smile:

Ah, so I have to create two different-but-identical animations for two different-but-identical skeletons?

You have two skeletons that you wish to share animations between or two skeletal meshes? If you have two Skeletal Meshes that are using the same Skeleton, then you can share animations no problems. However if the two Skeletal Meshes are using two different skeletons and each skeleton has a different bone hierarchy or bone naming convention, they will be incompatible. We are currently working on some material that will clear up some of the common issues encountered when working with Skeletons that we are aiming to release really really soon.

I’m using the two skeletons that came with the Realistic Female animations in the Marketplace. One skeleton is for a skeletal mesh with porn-boobs, the other is a skeleton for a skeletal mesh with a better shape. The first one has all the animations available, the second has none. I was wondering why this was the case, as I assume both of them are otherwise identical.

Does this mean there is something off about the second skeleton. If it was due to a bone being wrongly named, and i changed it, would the animations suddenly become available in the Persona Asset Browser?

P.S. Cheers for replying, Wes. I’m a big fan of your work! :slight_smile:

Depending on what you are trying to do, you can also click on the skeletal mesh for the one with no animations and:
Right Click Skeletal Mesh -> Skeleton -> Assign Skeleton

This will allow you to assign the skeleton with all the animations to that skeletal mesh so that, for example, you had a red guy with a skeleton with all the animations and a blue guy with the identical skeleton but no animations, you can assign the skeleton with all the animations to the blue guy. Then both the red guy and blue guy would share the same skeleton with all the animations. Then you could just delete the identical skeleton with no animations.

Note: this will result in a preview of animations with either the red guy or the blue guy, not both (Feature request in for separate previews for each skeletal mesh sharing the same skeleton.) However, you can still use instances of both the red guy and blue guy separately in game. Hope that make sense…

Yes, this is what I did. I’m trying to find out why animations appear in the Persona Asset Browser. Do they explicitly have to be linked to the skeleton, or do they just appear there, if they work with the skeleton?

I guess this should have been the question I opened with. :slight_smile:


Unless something has changed you can retarget the animations to a different rig but it makes a copy of the animations conforming to the different naming convention

You can assign the animations to a different skeleton but when you target a different rig the animation properties are striped off and no longer share the same animation sets.

Animations can be applied to any rig that shares the same naming conventions as part of the “needed” hierarchy and will be plotted. Joint’s that are added as a child can be added as being unique and will accept animations using the naming convention even if the animation is unique as to what’s already been authored.

The ideal when importing a new model is the option to have the model use the same animation sets, and more important animation blueprints, that is instanced to a similar rig with out having to make a duplicate.

The practical application would be one could then make their weapons as a sub-set and animate at least the 3rd person as to the unique requirements like reloading, just one of many requirements, as well forked for use as part of the 1st person animations.

If this is no longer the case I would like to know the details as well please.

To be clear, the situation I’m describing and which I believe you are asking about is when you have two instances of say, “Hero_TPP” as the skeleton, and when you open them in persona, one “Hero_TPP” has all the animations for “The Animation Starter Pack.” Then you open the other “Hero_TPP” and it only shows the “Third Person Animations.”

So yes, they have to be explicitly linked to that skeleton, but you can reassign the animations to another, identical skeleton (as in the example I’ve described above) so one -or both- “Hero_TPP” skeletons contain both the “The Animation Starter Pack” and the “Third Person Animations.” However since there is no practical reason to have two identical skeletons sharing two identical sets of animations, I suggest deleting one skeleton and replacing it with the other identical skeleton. When you do this, you will be prompted to assign the animations being used by the deleted skeleton to a different skeleton. Choose the identical one and now all animations will work with the remaining skeleton.

This is different from retargeting two different skeletons as Frankie V is describing, in which case, his description of making an entire “copy of the animations conforming to that naming convention” would be the case.

Steve, thank you. I’ve been asking about this for a while, and I feel I’m finally getting the answers that will let me get my head around it.

How would I use other animations, ones linked to other skeletons? (I.e. I have several sets of animations from the Marketplace, Starter, Kubold, T-Pose, etc) Would this entail the retargeting FrankieV spoke about, so they can be used on one Epic skeleton?

As luck would have it most if not all animations in the marketplace is based on Epic’s 3rd person template so you don’t have to retarget the animations but rather target the animations. The easy works ever time trick is to batch export to FBX all the sets you want to consolidate and then import them back in like any other FBX and assign to the 3rd person template if that’s what you want to use.

This works well as you now have the FBX source of the animations and can be modified in any application that supports FBX.

Of course the templates need to be fixed first. :wink:

Okay, so:

  1. Add animations to 3rd Person project.
  2. Export each set of animations as FBX.
  3. Import each set of animations using the Epic TPP skeleton.
  4. I now have a load of animations that all appear in the Persona Asset Browser for a skeletal mesh using the Epic TPP skeleton.

Is that right?

You can do it that way, or what happens more commonly is people add the Animation Starter Pack to the Third Person Project, which both share the same skeleton. Be advised however, as Frankie V mentioned, there is a glitch where the Third Person Animations do not blend seamlessly with the Animation Starter Pack animations, however this does not have to do with the skeleton itself but rather the way the animations were exported.

For instance if you blend the Third Person “Idle” with the Animation Starter Pack “Idle_Rifle_Hip” you will see a “dip” between the animations. This is being worked on, but for now the best practice woud be to stick with animations that come packed together. (Or you can easily test them by creating a simple 1D Blend Space and blend between an animation from one set to one from another set. -If no oddities occur, then you’re good to go.)

Thank you, everyone, for all your responses. :cool: