Why do skylights occasionally stop working


Im a bit stumped.

I lowered my skylight intensity to test the lighting. It looked ok but i wanted to change it back.
I did.

And noticed that skylights no longer have any effect in my level.
Now i need to clarify that i have done this thousands of times. And never ran into this issue before.

The only thing that seems to “fix” the issue is to copy all the content in my level and pasting it in a new level and overwriting the names.
But mind you… this is not always possible as some levels have massive terrains and it crashes the editor when i try to copy massive terrains.

So i guess my question is why does this happen and how do i fix it? I cannot afford to lose entire levels because the skylights decide to stop functioning.
Rebuilding lighting, readjust settings of lights etc does not do anything.

Ok sorry a mod can delete this thread. I found the issue. If your skybox is “hidden” in the viewport then skylights stop working.

No way! :slight_smile: This kind of info is important. People can learn from mistakes as well.