Why do people use scene component as root of character BP?

Hello. I’m a little confused about character blueprint. Sometimes, I’m seeing that people in tutorials are using a scene component as root of their character blueprint. Why do they doing this? Should I do this too?
Sorry, if I write something wrong, english is not my native language.

Are you sure it is not Pawn? Capsule Component is declared as Character’s root on C++.

Suppose, you’re right. But I still don’t understand, even if it’s Pawn, why should I use Scene Component as a root?

I add it to all my actors as root, instead of default one because it does not have that big white ball, looks better for me that way.

Wow, I expected something more… complicated?

Having a scene component as the root also allows you to do things to the rest of the components that you might not be able to if one of them was the root. For instance, you can’t transform/scale the root easily. With a dummy scene component for the root, you can transform everything, but keep the “origin” the same when interacting with it in a level.

This. SceneComponent allows you to have relative coordinates inside your BP for all components. If you make a static mesh scene component, you have to move it as an actor in world and the rest of the components will move as child relative to it.

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Scene component is declared as Actor’s root, basically any child class of Actor, its root is Scene Component.

Why it need a Root Component? Lets say the actor have some static mesh components. When you place it to the level, it need something to attach to. Without Root Component, the transform of the Static Mesh Component of the actor could be messed up, since the relative transform of the Static Mesh Component could be the world transform too, usually you will get a warning says, your Actor doesn’t have Root Component.

Why it has to be Scene Component? Because it is the most basic of Actor Component which can be rendered to the scene.

Why character use Capsule Component? Since the Skeletal Mesh is going to be animated, it need something can be the master collision of the pawn.

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