Why do people use Blender if UE4 has all the modeling tools needed?

I just realized UE4 can do modeling and sculpting WTF

so this engine does everything in other words? so why would a beginner use blender? wouldn’t it make more sense to just use UE4 if you are a solo dev?

I saw videos where people were creating terrains in UE4 an thought to myself why do people then use Maya or Blender and would it make more sense for a beginner to use UE4? or is this terrain tool something different from a modeling tool?

No. Se your other tread…

try making a house with ue4 editor only .

Better, try making a human character with nothing but UE4.

UE4 does not have much in the way of modeling tools

Why because Blender is free and has been around a lot longer that Unreal 4. It’s also a preferred app, because it’s free for other engines like UDK and Unity

The Terran tool is just that … a Terran tool.

UE4 has zero modeling tools. Game engine can not create polygon models, mesh modeling/sculpting, mesh retopology, skinning, skeletal bones and splines, animation, UVs, etc. In order to create “assets”, game developers will need access to a proper 3D modeling application (i.e. Maya, Maya LT, 3ds Max, Blender). Without it, assets such as Characters, Environments, Objects, etc can not be created.

The purpose of game engines is to place those assets in an “unreal space” and program goals, rules, challenges, and end-state into those assets. In other words, games engines provide the Logic behind your assets. Game engines do not Create assets, just interactivity and logic of those assets.

lol @ OP comeone man dont be ridiculous, did you even explore the engine and 3D modellin in general? not to mention animation and rigging…

ooh ok I am new so I am still learning I saw a video of them creating this amazing house by a lake it was a scenery and it really looked amazing. I am enjoying this engine I must say.