Why do people say do not create 2D Games in UE4?

They say Unity is what you need and UE4 is a very bad idea.

I am confused about this why is UE4 a bad idea?

Last time I checked paper2D in 4.9 it wasn’t great. You can make a 2D game in ue4 but youll have to adjust to unreal’ workflow which seems designed primarily for 3D. For example look at Unity’s coordinate system, compared to unreal’s. I’ve also heard that unity is better optimised for mobile platforms, haven’t tried it myself.
There are also good open source 2D engines online, worth investigating.

2D in UE4 isn’t necessarily a very bad idea, it’s just one of the more difficult engines to work with in 2D. Paper2D hasn’t been fleshed out as much as Unity’s 2D tools because that’s not really where the market is for UE4 (as I see it anyway) so there aren’t as many features. I have only skimmed the docs for UE4 but in Unity they have systems dedicated to 2D specific workflow (Vector2, OnCollisionEnter2D, BoxCollider2D, etc) whereas UE4 has 2D features slapped on to a 3D workflow.

ooh ok thanks now I understand

So like what if we are comparing a 3D side scroller aka 2.5D? same thing would apply?

If you were making a 2.5D sidescroller (3D objects but constrained to a 2D view) then you would be using the 3D workflow in either game engine which there are many other threads about those comparisons. My previous post was for if you were making a game that used sprites and tile maps instead of 3D objects. There should be a 2.5D sidescroller demo that comes with UE4 for you to get started with if that’s the route you are going.

Yeah thats exactly what I am doing

Part of the reason for making a game was to learn Programming