Why do my Megascan imports look like this?

New to Unreal . . . have an issue:
When I pull in a static mesh from Quixel via the content drawer, sometimes this is how it looks. If I double-click the static mesh and view it by itself, it looks fine. But in my scene, it looks like this. Kind of a bummer. Any help would be much appreciated.

Not sure if this is the same in UE5 with Nanite
Select the object and go into the static mesh viewer. (double click)
Check the LOD settings. It used to be sometimes quixel assignments 9large prop, small prop, etc) was wrong so it would render much lower resolution than what was desired.

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(Assuming you are using ue5.0.2)

Check to see if the asset’s textures have ‘VT’ in the lower right corner. You can right-click the texture and select ‘convert to regular texture’. Make sure you do for all textures the asset uses (usually 3 for ue5 bridge imports).

Unless you are using virtual texturing intentionally, you can go into ‘project settings’ and disable the virtual texture option to prevent this from happening with future imports.

Currently, there is a bug related to the virtual texture import options, this is a temporary issue/workaround for the latest engine version only.

Thanks for the replies . . . Unfortunately, neither seem to be the issue. I just deleted my project and I will start again from scratch and see if this problem persists.