Why do my character's Block each other when I have them set to Overlap or ignore?

This is ridiculous. My character is a pawn and I have Pawns set to Overlap on them, they shouldn’t collide, no?

Hello AXIOM,
It would be nice if you could supplement a screenshot of your collision settings. I find collisions a bit tricky myself. Anyways I have two examples here. First one will overlap (ignore will work too), Second one will block my character.
Just play with it. Remember that some components (eg. gun) will block your character too. Hope that helps.


Thanks for your response, here are my collision settings

I don’t have anything else on the character, like a weapon, this is just a blank character.

Always happy to help. Don’t worry about it, this is how you learn. If you don’t make mistakes you don’t learn. Happy you got it worked out. Have a great weekend.

Oh goodness me, you made me realize that it could be the capsule component, and it was… I didn’t think it had collision settings but it does…sorry for the noob question.