Why do morph targets break my materials?

when i import the morph targets the materials on my character dont display correctly. i have checked the used with morph targets in the materials but they still look the same as before.

wait it might be that there are more verts in the morph that in the original, but i dont see how that would hapen since i never made any changes to the mesh apart from moving verts around

and size of the mesh magically doubles in size, thats weird

and it loses uv chnnels. thats so strange how broken it becomes from very few changes


the verts are correct before exporting

so i exported from 3ds max and imported it back in and the vert count was the same so it has to be ue4 messing with the vert count some how

just done some testing, i got the size of the mesh back to normal but the textures remained messed up no matter what. i think thats due to the amount of verts that get added onto the mash from importing into ue4, why that happens i have no idea since i even did a test where i only moved about 20 vers around the mouth and after import the mesh had magically gained over 1000 verts. im guessing ue4 has a bug with importing morph targets then

apparently this is too short so this is some filler text