Why do I only have 'Default' in my Details panel?

I created a blueprint extending the WheeledVehicle class and hid the inherited mesh at some point (I created a ‘fake’ mesh to combat a rotation issue with the inherited one, now trying to reverse that and fix it properly), but now when I re-select the inherited mesh, I only see a ‘Default’ section in the Details panel with the Vehicle Mesh option, rather than the full range of options (including the render in game and visible options I’m trying to toggle back on). I’ve done a lot of work to this blueprint and would rather not re-create it to fix an issue that may re-present itself later again, would just like to understand what UE is doing and how to fix it.

I imagine I’ve toggled something that I can’t figure out how to undo since I’m still learning UE4, but I’d love if someone could help me restore these now hidden options. For reference, here is a screenshot of the problematic object and its details panel:

I’ve tried toggling the options under the eye on the top right to no avail, only hiding the mesh option as well. Thanks in advance.

Bump? Still can’t figure this one out.
For now I’ve used the Property Matrix to edit the blueprint, but I’d still love to sort out how to re-show the other settings in Details instead.

Is the mesh inherited from code? What UPROPERTY() do you have set?

I’m using blueprints strictly, so I’m assuming not. I’ve simply created a new blueprint that inherits the WheeledVehicle class blueprint.

It does seem that if I re-create a new blueprint extending the WheeledVehicle blueprint, even after re-adding some custom components to the blueprint, the other options for the inherited mesh return, albeit I can’t find anything that would differ to cause the issue. Still no clue what’s going on.