Why do I need to fix up redirectors?

When I sort up my project, a rest product, directors, will stay where the assets were previously.
To fix that, I need to go RMB > “Fix Up” on the redirector files.

Why doesn’t this get fixed automatically?

It’s because you might be moving many files, and rather than having a massive lag in the editor when you do that, the system can just leave redirectors, which can be fixed later. It’s more efficient.

You can constantly be aware of where the redirectors are in you system by turning on filter:

It’s a bit like enabling hidden files in windows.

Yes, this is how I do it today.

But is there a way not to create redirectors or let it automatically Fix Up my redirectors?

yerr there is ill do a screen shot for you tomorrow when im back online its when you right click and says fix up redirectories ill be back tonorrow for this answer :slight_smile:

Nope… Afriad not.

I know you can right click and Fix Up. This is how I do it today.
Do you know a way that does this process automatically?