Why do i need to be an administrator to download your games?

i was trying to download fortninte on my school laptop, but i was asked for the administrator to log in. so i asked him to do so and he did. but yet it wouldnt dowload the game, because it turned out you needed to BE an administrator to download anything. i had allrady proven that i was allowed to do so by an authorised person, but you deemed this not enoug. why? if you do deside to make it so taht you only need the password, i would be happy if you told me so, and in that case when this would be implimented.

yours trooly - an angry school student

Hi Fetishhhh,

You need to be Admin only because of Windows UAC (User Account Control) which blocks every standard user to download something that needs elevated access. So the only way for you to download this is to log into the admins account and download it from there, or when the UAC prompt shows up, ask the Admin to enter their password and it will download from there on out.

Hope this helps.