Why do I lose View of my actor after transforming it a certain distance?

I have a third person template where my character will run up to an object like a drone etc, and pilot it by switching my camera view to it with “Set View Target with Blend” node, and switching control over to it with some boolean values and some blueprint communication.

Everything is great until I get to far? I stop getting a view through the camera, despite retaining control of the actor?

I cant simply use “Move to Location” nodes since I am moving an actor I have to transform it, and I really cant use a pawn it has to be an actor. Is it possible I am leaving the bounds of the level altogether? I’m using the voxel world plugin from the marketplace and my landscape is a lot bigger than the default one. If so is there a way to increase the bounds? Thanks.

Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Is the camera you are switching to attached to the drone?

Yes! Its built into the actor

Hey I fixed it by putting the “Set View Target with Blend” node onto an event tick, although I imagine it would work with a loop as well.

Just weird that I have to do that is all.

Hmm…let’s see…

The first things I can think of that are obvious are to make sure the camera is attached to the drone in the actor blueprint (it would be tabbed out under it in the components panel). Or, even better than that, a spring arm attached to the drone that the camera is then attached to.

Another thing to check is if the camera location set to relative or absolute location. It’s a dropdown if you click on the word “location” next to the coordinates in the details panel.

If both of those are correct, you can check the camera/movement options like use controller rotation yaw or orient rotation stuff.

Edit: Okay, so you discovered it isn’t those things.

That is strange. Are you sure nothing else in the game is changing what camera you are using? Usually if you blend to a camera it stays on that camera. You shouldn’t have to spam the node unless you have some other part of your game that is also changing the camera view somehow.

Probably because of how Voxel plugin works. I think It only generates world around invokers, as otherwise it would fill up the memory and processor with a whole infinite world being in the computer at the same time, so it only loads what should be in visible range to the invokers.