Why do I keep getting a printout of all the ConsoleEvents in my game?

Sometimes when I press a button during gameplay, I get a printout on the screen of all the ConsoleEvents in the game. That’s annoying and I’d like it to stop. Anyone know how to do that?

there are 2 ways ive done it,first with classic hud I set the font used to none.

with udk hud I moved the dynamic text field off screen in flash.

both ways are hacky,but work.

i think there is something in one of the ini’s for this
or there is a console command something like disableallonscreenmessages


you can use these in the deaultengine.ini

not sure which will do it and be aware errors wont show up when compiling.

Thanks guys. I’ve been using DisableAllOnScreenMessages when doing screen captures, but I’ll try some of these other solutions to turn them off permanently.