Why do I have to pay an additional 19/month for SpeedTree Modeling?

I thought that SpeedTree for ue4 subscribers would be free and the modeler version would be optional. Somehow like the speedtree 5 in udk3.
But i cant create any speedtrees in ue4 and i dont have any modeler app installed.
I have to pay +19$ for the modeler to create speedtrees?
What is free then? A few premade speedtees from the store?

Hi jtos -

Here is the original post from SpeedTree about the licensing information:

Clarification on for UE4 Offering - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Epic Games announced that you would now be able to import *.srt (SpeedTree) files into the engine directly with version 4.3. The modeling program has always been a separate program. In UE3, the modeling program was included as a part of the licensing agreement for that engine.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum