Why do i have to fix each brush that i convert to static mesh ?

I’m doing it way this tutorial shows:
However, why do i have to uncheck, update, check, update what lightmap checkbox? Why can’t the engine do it for me? this is a lot of extra work when working on multiple brushes.

Well, it’s just the way how tutorial describe this process.
Actually you have to go in Property Matrix and change Light Map Coordinates index from 0 to 1 and Light Map resolution to somewhat acceptable
And the problem lies right here: Engine should assign this data automatically, but in reality it just zero out everything. This is looks like a bug to me.

Yep, and someone needs to do something about it >: (

Hi Sahkan,

The “invalid lightmap resolution” issue when converting BSP to static meshes was fixed with 4.8.

Before a value of 0 was being assigned to the lightmap resolution in the newly created static mesh. This would throw the error for “Invalide Lightmap size.”

The Lightmap Coordinate Index will stay at 0 though and needs to be manually set when you’re creating a new static mesh, Otherwise this will only use UV Channel 0 as the lightmap UV and could result incorrect shadowing.

Thank you!