Why do I have to click the mouse first for it to respond to the keyboard?

Hi, I have an input for the Tab key that switches on and off a widget with a Flip/Flop node. i’m setting the Input Mode to Game and UI when it’s on and just Game when it’s off. The problem is that I can press Tab and it comes up but then no matter how many times I hit tab after that it does nothing. Only if I click somewhere on the screen and then press Tab will it acknowledge the tab input.

How to fix that?

Probably an issue with widget focus?

:\ I have it already set to be the widget in focus. And the Tab key isn’t an input the widget handles, it’s an input on the Character BP.

I saw in the link you posted that people were having this problem in 4.9 without solution. I’m in 4.10 but I’m not sure it’s a bug. There’s probably something to do with input priority but I’m not sure how to resolve it since it’s the game’s input that’s not firing, the widget’s is.

I also tried enabling input on another BP that would fire a custom event that connected into the nodes that would close the widget and that didn’t help either.

Once there’s a widget on screen, it will automatically handle a tab press (for purposes of focus switching). This means the key press doesn’t make it through to the input events.

I think being able to disable this would make sense. Anyway, at the moment I think the only way around it is to manually prevent tab from being handled by UMG - see Nick Darnell’s post here.

Oh I wouldn’t have intuited that! Thanks! That fixed it! Does this mean arrow keys work right out of the box with buttons then? I haven’t made the menu itself yet. But if so, would directional buttons on a controller, too? Probably just wishful thinking but one can hope.

I guess that’s the idea, but I haven’t tried to use the navigation stuff yet so I don’t know what the status is.

Alright. Thanks again!