Why do I have strange invisible sections in my meshes

For some reason I have like areas of a mesh that are cut out, so if you imagine a box, there is a strip that goes through that box along the walls, which shouldn’t be there, this allows the player to jump through this weird gap that shouldn’t be there and roam around inside the box. yet I have no subtractive elements to make this gap, its just there.

This only seems to happen when I use unreal’s basic shapes, if I use a prop, or a model of the wall, it doesn’t happen.

Please help.

Hello F-D,

From what you describe and your screenshot this looks to be a bounding issue.

What can happen is if you have geometry that exceeds your rendering bounds scale then that geometry will not render.

If you click on the object creating the hole and go to your Details > Rendering > Bounds scale by default it should be set to 1.0. If you set this to 2.0, and then increase this if this isn’t enough, does this fix it?

If not I can try and test this on my end with that object.

For me to do that I will need your .uproject file, your content and config folders, from your project files.

Let me know if this troubleshoot helps or you would be willing to share a copy of your project.


Hello ,

Thank you for responding. there isn’t actually any rendering options on the object. also when ever I try to fiddle with the settings the engine just crashes. If you would like me to send this project, please can you specify how, as I think its quite large.


You can link a dropbox file here. We prefer dropbox as we do not have access to other file sharing programs. What I will need is your .uproject file, and your content and config folders from your projects directory.