Why do I have multiple options for my debug filter?

When I play in PIE my widget blueprint is displaying multiple options in the debug filter. My widget just displays a bunch of user controllable knobs, which when adjusted with ‘SubmixEffectControls_C_0’ selected shows no activity from the execution pins but when I select ‘SubmixEffectControls_C_1’ the execution pins activate correctly. Where did my ‘SubmixEffecControls_C_0’ come from? How can i delete it? I believe it is interfering with how my event dispatchers are working.

When you have more than 1 instance of any actor, it will be shown in the list, because you need to choose which one of the ‘My blueprint’ objects you want to debug.

It sounds a bit like you have added the widget more than once, could that be?

Thank you so much! I looked up my widget blueprint using the reference viewer and sure enough there were other blueprints with references to the widget. Luckily they were just unused variables of the widget that i just deleted. Now the widget blueprint only has one option in the debug filter and the event dispatchers are going through to the blueprints that require them, which is great!