Why do I get this message?

I have udk set in dx11 and looking at a few old dx11 features levels(not editing them or saving anything) and since a few weeks i get this popup message from time to time when I open a level in dx11.

I know this message about the 300 mb if im saving a package, but im not saving anything and this seems to be related to Cache and not assets? Even auto saving in the bottom right corner is turned off.This thing just keeps on growing.

Funny thing is that if I manually search for this package it says it is 64.9 mb and not 327. Is this something temporal, alerting me that dx11 features are in too much use? Ignore it, delete the package?(which i think it it was automatically created in udk)

Make a backup.
Delete the file.
Start UDK, then all the materials will compile again, and the file will be smaller, probably.

Just did it today as the message was really annoying.Deleted it and it created a new one that was 2mb :smiley: vs the 400mb monster i had lol.Strange thing was that udks pop up message says like close to 400mb and the file i manually deleted was only like 76mb.
Anyway, delete and move on.

Hello mate.

This is just informing you. Any pkg bigger than 300 mb gives this message. However, whenever you cook your game, the final size of the files are much smaller, and much faster to load.