Why do I get the error "Infinite Loop Detected" when there's NO INFINITE LOOP!?!?!??

I set up code that changes the actor the player is holding when they overlap a trigger, BUT EVERYTIME THEY OVERLAP IT, IT CLOSES THE GAME AND GIVES ME AN INFINITE LOOP. I’ve checked the node that the error called out, and THERE’S NO INFINITE LOOP. If I remove the node it called out and try again, IT CALLS OUT A COMPLETELY UNRELATED NODE. It even linked me to code in a MACRO that I didn’t even write myself. I’m genuinely going insane because of this please help.


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Hey @Fallerrr!

Can you post pictures of the blueprints in question? Getting another set of eyes on something is always good!

@Fallerrr You’re right, I don’t see any infinite loops.

(On another note, instead of casting on tick, try setting that dodgeball_Health widget as a variable, it’ll help out your performance :slight_smile: )

But yeah, I would say try saving and closing out of UE5, and reopening it. That’s what I usually do when things are happening that don’t make any sense. Apart from that… Idk I’m not seeing any loops either. Give it a restart and let us know. :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll try restarting and give you an update.

No words.

I honestly am at a loss myself. Try putting in a “DoOnce” Node before the DestroyActor?

i had this problem in my project and just adding a DelayNextTick Node fixed it up, try adding the node before DestroyActor.

i think this warning comes if you destroy the actor OnOverlap with no Delay, if there is at least 1 frame it should be gone

hope this helps you :slight_smile:

cheers :vulcan_salute:

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Thanks for the help!


no problem, glad it helped you :slight_smile:

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