Why do I get a warning that bones are missing when I import my skeletal mesh?

I have struck another issue! If anyone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it. I mentioned this in an earlier thread I made but I’m thinking because the issue I was talking about there was resolved, others might not have seen my next dilemma. I hope no one is bothered by me posting again. After properly weighting and making a different rig for our character, I’ve exported him in and hit an issue instantly that I hadn’t before:

Warning: The following bones are missing from the bind pose. This can happen for bones that are not vert weighted. If they are not in the correct orientation after importing, please set the “Use TO as ref pose” option or add them to the bind pose and reimport the skeletal mesh.

It then lists the components of my mesh that are indeed not weight-painted, the teeth and eyes. Those are instead parented to other parts of rig, so they move with that. After I close the error dialogue, and click and drag the character into the scene, the only parts visible are his eyes and teeth, the parts it stated had an error earlier… What exactly is happening here? We are working in Maya, is there something else we should do with those non-weighted body parts to avoid this issue? Was having trouble uploading an image, but will edit if it would help someone figure out what’s going on

Hey Arvemor, I was a having a similar issue as well. My bones were not importing in the proper hierarchy and I was getting your same warning.
What version of Maya are you using? The problem might be your export settings there? Not sure if this helps, but my problem was solved by exporting in Maya 2013. Maya 2014 and 15 did not work for whatever reason. I would definitely try to include a picture (or a link to one) so that others can better help you out, hopefully better than me! Good luck!

Are you selecting the eyes and teeth in the Outliner in Maya in addition to the joints and main character mesh? If this doesn’t help, please report this on the AnswerHub in case it’s a bug and include a link back to this post. -Thanks!

i had this vary issue myself i fixed it by doing the fallowing
change smooth bind options
uncheck remove unused influences

then redid my skinweights. also noticed i had skinning method was set to classic liner. changed to dual quaternion. <- only changes how the verts are effected by bone twist/rotation.

hope that helps.

Swapping to Dual Quaternion fixed this issue for me as well
Thanks OmeNu

I am using blender 2.8 what should i do?