Why do I get a "Failed Import" error message?

Okay, this isn’t a big problem because it doesn’t make a problem, I’m just worried about it. When I open up my level it says in the Message Log that there is an Import Problem. What it says exactly is:

Failed import: Texture2D/Game/Textures/T_Rock_08_D.T_Rock_08_D in /Game/Props/Materials/M_Rock

Like I said it doesn’t give me a problem that I can see, but I’m just worried about it.
If you can advise me on this issue, thanks in advance.

Hi Serious_Bacon -

This error implies that the texture sample in your M_Rock Materials is not correctly finding a Texture Sample, in this case the T_Rock_08_D. This could be for numerous reasons the most common being the textures was moved and the linker did not pick up the move correctly, this happens more often if something is moved outside of the engine’ content browser.

To fix this issue, simple open the Material in question and find the Texture Sample which is supposed to be linking to the mentioned texture and reestablish by linking in material editor from content browser.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I am having this same issue, however, it is with 2 variables in 2 of my BPs, which is weird since the variables are not imported. One thing I should mention is that the 2 variables this is happening with are old and I have since change them to other variables (a float to an int, an the other is a struct that no longer has the referanced variable), so I think the BPs are still trying to get the old variables even though they are not being used anymore. Any ways to fix this?