Why do I get a 5 sec delay when I undo something?

When i use undo i get a 5 sec delay or longer.
It don´t matter if it is a brush or a mesh.

Howdy Seraium,

If you could send us your dxdiag information for your PC, it would help us to try and see what the issue may be for the Delay you are seeing when trying to undo in the editor.

Thanks and have a great day!


Here is my dxdiag

link text

Hey Seraium,

Sorry to get back to you so late. I am still looking into what could be causing the Undo delay that you are experiencing. I just have a few more questions.

Do you also experience delays and/or lag when working in the editor when not using the using undo (ex: placing meshes or other assets)?

Is there a hefty amount of assets in the project you’re working on when trying to use the undo feature?


The only delay i notice is when i am working with brushes.
Anything else seems to work just fine.

Here is a short video, the first part is the Unreal Tournament project and the next is just a blank project.

Could it be a conflict with the previous engine versions i still have installed?


I think i found the problem. Inside Editor Preferences → Level Editor → Miscellaneous. There is an option for update BSP automatically, when i disable it all my delays are gone, and when i enable it again the delays are back.

So i guess there is a bug there.

Hey Seraium,

Glad to hear that you have found the issue that has been giving you delay problems. I am going to mark this post as being solved though I am going to further investigate the BSP issue and report it.

Again, thanks for the find and have a great day!