Why do game physics change when running simultanious physics events?

Hey Community,

I’m running into a little problem here when I run physic simulations one after another. It seems that the actor I’m spawning doesn’t stay consistent with the physics parameters and will get weaker (best way to describe the behavior) the more I use it. However, if I give it a moment or two before I spawn another one it acts fine. In a nutshell, the actor is an explosive I can spawn at will that when I ignite will explode after a delay causing damage and impulse at the location causing other physics objects to fly away. The problem occurs when I try and set off a bunch of them in a row that each progressive explosion and force is weaker than the last. There is no difference on the other hand if I give each one time in between ignitions. Is this something that can be adjusted or is it part of the engine’s inability to process physics in a consistent manner? I would prefer answers from those who know the subject matter firsthand.

Friend, can’t imagine you would need others help with simple parameters)

As far as I understand, you spawn pawns with enabled physics and probably set to Ragdoll?

Umm no not really. It’s a cube that is supposed to give the effect of a bomb with outward force pushing other cubes out of the way. Works fine until I as I said blow off a couple in a row. Each explosion’s force gets progressively weaker. On the other hand, if I give a little time in between explosions it stays somewhat more consistent.

Set billboard dragonface as a root, set all collision volumes to visible and probably you’ll see the issue.

actually found a work around that resolved the issue but thank you for the tip as it helped with a bug I needed to squash. I’ll mark this as answered, however.

Im having the same problem with my Player Blueprint (that has a capsule collider) and my physics actors in the level flies off as soon as I use Set Actor Location.

Please write here if you find any solution to this problem.