Why do deleted Content Browser folders reappear?

Yeah, this is definitely still an issue in 4.14.1

Hey Kenomica,

We will investigate this issue and will respond on the other thread that you commented on. Please refer to the thread linked below for updates as they become available:

Thanks for your report.

So, although it’s not a fix to the engine itself, I’ve found a way to permanently delete the folders/content from the content browser so we can all avoid that clutter. Open up your project folder wherever it’s located on your PC, mine is in my documents folder within the file explorer. Go into your content folder within your project and adjust your folders from within there. Deleted folders will stay deleted, moved folders will remain moved to their new locations without duplicating folders, etc… I’ve tested on engines 4.11 - 4.14, this method works on them all. I don’t know if anyone else has been doing this, but I didn’t see it posted as a solution, even if it is just a temporary solution until the engine is fixed.

Again, it’s not a fix to the engine itself, it’s just a “desktop fix” that will help maintain that clutter within your project. Hope this helps.

I am using 4.15 and having a terrible time migrating assets into a project from other workshop type projects then trying to move them to the proper place within the destination project. I have learned to never try to move or rename folders within the content browser as this will just result in a second folder being created and the editor will not allow me to delete the old one regardless of when or how many times i run the fix redirectors tool. Renaming assets and moving assets and folder structures around the content browser is broken. This is a huge problem since migrating assets also migrates their old folder structure and there is no clean way to place the incoming assets where they need to be.The problem becomes unmanageable when the assets have a complex set of inter-relationships which are bound to break if one resorts to the file system explorer to clean things up.

I’m having trouble with this particular bug today, as well - it’s certainly not resolved… For those of us just learning how to manage larger project hierarchies, it is really a major frustration.

can confirm as well, I now just plan waaaay ahead and decide what my folder structures will be before I commit to it. otherwise I will spend an entire day fixing everything before giving up and reloading a backup and just dealing with my old folder names.

We need another bug report to vote this as much as possible since this is a fundamental aspect of the engine that’s still broken after years.

The best way i found for this to get rid of these pesky files is to go into
File Explorer-> (ProjectName)-> select anyfolder you dont want to boot with and relaunch the project. This works for me and it should work for ue4 and ue5