Why do characters spawned by different means behave differently?

I have one MyBotCharacter manually placed on the map by me, and several MyBotCharacters spawned via this blueprint in a SpawnVolume actor:

The problem is, this happens: - YouTube . The one I placed manually falls on the floor as expected, but the others just kinda keep floating around! And it’s not that they stand on an invisible platform: you can see that they are all at different heights!

What could be the culprit here?

Hey akiiino,

What you are seeing is because there is no Controller set to the “MyBotCharacter” being spawned. To fix this, open your MyBotCharacter Blueprint and in the “Pawn” section, change “Auto Possess AI” to “Placed in World or Spawned”.

As such:


I can’t believe I didn’t notice that! Thank you!