Why do blueprints behave differently in editor preview than in standalone preview?

I’ve been working on a simple sidescroller game. In this game I made a blueprint with a block mesh. This block then generates another one which generates another one and so on and so on, thus making an infinite level. The blocks only generate another block if the player is close enough to that block, to not have infinite blocks getting created.

Anyways, these blocks work perfectly in editor preview, but as soon as I do standalone preview the blueprint stops working properly. It currently doesn’t spawn any blocks at all, including the one I manually placed on there to start the chain reaction. I’ve played around with the blueprint and eventually made it actually spawn in editor preview, but again it didn’t behave properly.

So why do blueprints behave differently in editor preview and standalone preview? Are they supposed to or is this just a bug and I’ll have to wait for a fix?

Thank you

Well i don’t fully understand your problem but what comes to my head is following…
could it be that you don’t copy the trigger so that if you run along, the trigger for the i+1 block is not next to the i+1 block but next to the first one?

I am having a similar issue, it seems that I cannot call a function from another blueprint using Blueprint Comms while in Standalone Mode, but in Preview Editor it works fine.

I am not sure if its a bug, any insight if Functions can be called from different Blueprints in Standalone Mode… would be appreciated. Also, I am on a Mac, not sure if this could also be the cause and I am using 4.01

I’m also having this issue. I was making a rubik cube game to learn blueprints and stuff about UE4 but I’m not able to run my simple game in a standalone mode. Runing inside the editor works perflectly.

My case is simpler. I have a macro that do a rotation in the cube and when the game fires I perform random rotations so the player can assemble the cube, but, for some reason outside the editor isn’t working at all.