Why did this asset not import from blender properly?

Looks like a classic case of flipped normals:

Not a Blender expert but pretty much all modelling software can flip them:

I imported an asset from blender and once it got imported, a part seems to be kind of, inversed when I am looking at it. First image is in unreal engine and second is in blender.



Any ideas as to what is causing this? Thanks

odd… I followed the steps and it did not work… also it doesnt say my normals are flipped. I joined the parts on blender to make it one asset, so maybe that is causing the problem. I will keep trying though.

In Blender set your materials to Use Backface Culling to spot cases like this. Doing Mesh->Normals->Flip usually fixes it. Check you don’t have negative scales on your object also. Object->Apply->Scale will fix this.