Why did these three projects appear in my launcher library

After I upgraded to 5.2 Release from github source, these three projects appeared in my launcher library.

They are in my Engine folder (not my Projects folder)…

Did anybody see these show up in their projects library in the launcher too?
Are they really projects? I didn’t want to open them because they are in the engine folder.

Same here, did you figure out what they were for? Thanks.

No I haven’t yet, they are still there, I just left them alone.

Also wonder what these are, I can’t find any information online.

I’m guessing this is a Launcher bug/oversight that no one is addressing. The launcher shouldn’t be picking up those projects.

I have three engines installed.
One from the launcher (to download plugins), a release version from GitHub and a preview version from GitHub.
I now have each of those projects twice in “My Projects”, both from the GitHub versions.
It seems the launcher engine does not add the projects.