Why clean and build and not just rebuild?

Often you can read to clean and build the project when you’re deleting a class from the project.

Sometimes it is written not to choose rebuild.

Why not just rebuilding, it is teasingly in between the two you apparently need to choose?


Because “rebuild” will not erase some ‘generated’ files that sometimes must be refreshed and from time to time you’ll get errors from them if you keep in there some old auto generated classes.

Right, the generated files. Could’ve think of it myself. But I didn’t.


Don’t ever use Clean or Rebuild in UE. You have chances UBT will delete your Engine Files as well.
Just delete Binares and Intermediate folders in your project and regen the solution. It is ok for most scenarios.

Not using clean or…UTB as you say.

Now, I have this UTB error message it is not being able to create a dll. Since it still worked pushing forward that question, the project seemed to be working great too, I didn’t asked it (yet). Now it seems this question answered it as it is not nagging about that library any more (so it seems).

What reasons wouldn’t it be okay for?

edit: The error still exists.
[FONT=Courier New]ERROR : UBT error : Failed to produce item: —.dll