Why changing scalability to cinematic changes response timing in the content browser?

Whenever I change scalability settings to cinematic the response of hovering over content in the content browser changes the response timing of displaying the details of that content and even moving cursor from one content to other …is anybody having similar problem like this?

Sounds like you’re just having low fps on that setting?

Nope everything is running fast except the content browser like if my mouse cursor hover over anything in content browser lets say actor blueprint or particle BP or material BP you see this detail about that content appears right? that detail appears bit slowly and so at that point when I try to move to other content in content browser my mouse cursor move slowly from one content to the other content like imagine two blueprint class in the content browser side by side so if I try to move my mouse cursor from one blueprint class to the next that detail about content takes little bit time to appear when scalability is set to cinematic and so that makes mouse movement little slower in the content browser only, rest running properly. It really becomes problem when I have multiple contents in the content browser.